Labor MP Don Brown
in his own words

Get to know your Capalaba MP.  Here is only a selection of screenshots from Capalaba MP Don Brown's Facebook page and Twitter feed, followed by articles about Mr Brown in the Press.

brown on coaldrake.JPG
Mr Brown comments on the Coaldrake report
judiciary impartiality.JPG
Mr Brown comments on the judiciary
brown saying gleeson has conviction.PNG
Mr Brown claims a Redland Councillor has a conviction.
gleeson police check.PNG
Councillor's Criminal Intelligence Commission report shows no conviction exists
(document provided by the former Redland Councillor and reproduced with permission)
election bombshell facebook.PNG
The ABN (Australian Business Number) was registered over 18 years ago, in 2002.

When registering a business name, there is no obligation to trade.

The business name Don't Walk Past was registered on the same date as the website domain name, to protect the website domain name

No bank account was opened and no financial transactions
 took place.
don brown over borders.png
don brown 5.png
bunch of losers.png
The travel agency "Travel Bird" looked after travellers requiring specialised, complex, or custom-made international travel itineraries.  

Mr Brown's claim was repeated via a letter printed on Parliamentary Letterhead which was mailed to voters in the Capalaba Electorate.

Mr Brown's claim was also sent via Press Release to Redland City Bulletin, which subsequently published his claim.

Mr Brown's statement was false.  It is currently the subject of a Civil Defamation case in the Supreme Court of Qld.  

The temporary opening of domestic borders was (and remains) immaterial to the Travel Bird business, which was sustained by Retained Company Earnings and Assets, Federal Government Business and Income Support, Income from Company Investments and income from an additional, non travel-related business.

(Travel Bird is a member of the BAWF Investments Pty Ltd group of businesses.  The LNP Candidate is the Sole Director of BAWF Investments Pty Ltd.)

Travel Bird was (and remains) a financially viable agency, and retains its National Travel Agency Accreditation (ATAS) which includes vetting for financial solvency by the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA).

dull brown 2.png
Mr Brown comments to a local councillor going through a divorce
MR 27%.png
Mr Brown comments to the brother of a local councillor 
Don Brown MP comments on Local Redlands Councillors 
Councillor Gleeson had arranged that he not personally handle ANY of the funds received from the Bushfire Relief concert which he organised.  The concert raised over $6000 for the victims of Australian bushfires.  
don and paul.png
A comment published by Mr Brown 8 days prior to the Redlands Council Elections in 2020.
mentally unstable.png
dull don.png
gleeson 2.png
mitchell comment.png
donderhead 4.png
Don Brown MP comments on the Church
don on twitter.png
the cage.png
don the thug small version.png
Don Brown MP comments on a fellow Redland MP
don on mark robinson.png
Don Brown MP comments on Unions
tree of knowledge.png
Don Brown MP speech before Parliament,  1 May 2019
Don Brown's union United Voice has contributed $692,910 to the Queensland Labor Party since the 2017 state election.  This year the Labor party passed legislation to allow each of the 26 registered unions in QLD to be separately considered a third party for the purposes of electoral spending.  
Don Brown MP comments on the Redlands Mayor
It was the Labor Party that abolished the Upper House in Queensland, removing an important check-and-balance tradition of Westminster government.
karen 3.png
Don Brown MP comments on Extinction Rebellion
don extinction rebellion.png
Don Brown MP comments on COVID
pm of australia.png
Mr Brown comments to explain30000 people protesting in King George Square in the middle of a pandemic
Don Brown MP comments on Clive Palmer
clive palmer comment.PNG
Don says cant be beaten by LNP.png
don jab.png
At time of writing, Mr Brown owned his former home in Bulimba.  The Labor Premier also lives outside her electorate
Don Brown MP comments on the Federal MP
laming 2.png
laming wentworth.png
laming sledge 6.png
don's go at laming.png
Labor MP Don Brown
in the Press
brazen attack on churches.png
gay as.png
brazen attack.jpg
rcb logo.png
karen sues don.png
mayor karen williams.png
rcb logo.png
speaker headline.png
speaker allegations.png
rcb logo.png
mark robinson.png
mark text.png
rcb logo.png
local govt boss.png
LGAQ boss.png
rcb logo.png
early warning system 7oct20.png
emergency warning system.png
early warning system 3.png
Brown claims delivery for a Redlands Council Initiative that was 100% funded by Redlands Council.
Mayor Karen Williams responds
williams reply.png
don mud slinging.png
courier mail logo.png
11 July 2020
des houghton.png
Labor MP Don Brown
...doctoring images......
doctored flyer.png
...Mark Robinson is the LNP MP  for Oodgeroo.  Mr Brown created and tweeted a doctored flyer to present Dr Robinson as an MP for One Nation.
don doctored image 2.jpg
Image on Mr Brown's Facebook page which had been doctored to use a local councillor's face
don doctored image 1.png
Image on Mr Brown's Facebook page doctored to use a Federal MP's face and a fake sign
Labor MP Don Brown

working for the Unions
picketing at the airport 04aug22.JPG
4 August 2022
xxxx 1.jpg
9 March 2018
rebuke 1.jpg
rebuke 2.jpg
don pickets his constituents.jpg
Mr Brown pickets a business in his own electorate
united voice 2.png
Labor MP Don Brown
the claims
cross river rail.png
don 2017 promises 2.png
2017 election promises
transitway photo.jpg
dons billboard.jpg
...2020 claims.  Transitway not built and funds not allocated in the budget.  Gateway on-ramp upgrade not done.
jobs health education.jpg
...2020 claims. 
JOBS:  Pre-Covid, QLD had the highest unemployment of any state in Australia.  In October, QLD still has the highest unemployment, beating Victoria which had been in lockdown for months at the time.
HEALTH:  Surgery waiting list blow-outs were highlighted in a campaign run by the Courier Mail in December 2019.  Pre-Covid, they had increased by 86% under Labor.  Ambulance ramping had reached record levels.
EDUCATION:  Naplan shows QLD kids came last in every subject, at every year level.  QLD Teachers Union now wants to remove Naplan.