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My drive to enter politics began when as a parent I became aware of how we (society, government, media and parents) have failed to address the effect of technology and social media on our children.

I believe this failure is currently creating a timebomb of monstrous proportions, and the longer we delay aggressively addressing the effect of technology on our children, the more critical and long-term the damage to our children will be.  Damage to our children's happiness, mental health, sexual development, relationships, and quality of life.

Our children are currently being expected to deal with online issues many adults themselves are unable to cope with.  Extensive trolling (often anonymous), bullying, screen addiction, unrealistic portrayals of the human physique, ludicrous (and often inaccurate) expectations, astroturfing, and the blurring of reality and fantasy. 

Our children are trying to negotiate an online world where there is little to no moral compass, no acceptable standards of behaviour, and often no truth.

It is a world no other generation has needed to navigate, and we are sending our children into this world on their own without the right tools because quite simply, there IS NO TOOL POSSIBLE that will ever give a child the emotional, rational, logical, or judgemental capabilities of an adult.

It doesn't matter WHICH party you prefer, we universally love our children.  As politics becomes increasingly divisive and polarising, more than ever we need politicians who are prepared to put personal and party differences aside and pull together for the benefit of the next generation by directly focusing on this critical issue.

My particular areas of interest in Government are:
Child Protection             Domestic Violence

Education                      Accountability & checks-and-balances

Crime                             Finance/Treasury

Tourism                          Small Business
"It takes a village to raise a child".  I have a particular interest in development models which enhance community and connectedness to each other and our environment.
I'm interested in global "best-in-practice" being adapted to the Australian situation.
green roofs.jpg
Not buildings OR the environment. 
Buildings AND the environment.
I have a strong interest in creating a political environment that encourages our best and brightest to serve, either in elected office or through other methods (for example, by participation on committees and through development of policy.)
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