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Personal interests:
*   Family, friends, and a zoo of pets including dogs, cats, fish and chickens.

*  Travel.

*  The beach.  Any beach.  

*  Gardening and plant propagation.  A particular interest in roses, Australian Natives, flowering plants, and flowering sub-tropical trees. 

* The promotion of Conscious Capitalism as a business methodology.

Dogwood.  (Kidding!) 
Grafted Tabebuia Alba.
Rhodoleia championii
Pseudobombax ellipticum
Delonix Regia var. Flavida
hong kong rose.jpg
delonix regia var flavida.jpg
These are stock photos of a couple of the varieties I currently have in various stages of growth.  Some were ordered in from Germany and grown from seed.  Give me a break - I only put up four - it could have been dozens!!   
laughing emoticon.jpg
laughing emoticon.jpg
laughing emoticon.jpg
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