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State MPs formulate policy and create legislation that may deeply affect the lives of others, so character and values matter.

This is a little of what I believe, however, if you would like to know more or discuss, please feel free to make contact.

i believe image.png should be the Great Equaliser.   No matter the circumstances of a child’s birth and to whom, a quality education should provide a child with an opportunity to chart an independent path of the child's own choosing.  

.....our connection to the environment, to each other and to our community is critical to our happiness and well-being.

....children who have been abused do not magically recover once the source or circumstance of the abuse is removed.  I believe in trauma recovery services for abused children, and the earlier the intervention the less misery for the child, and the less eventual expense for the state.

....being over-governed disempowers a population.  It creates a culture of victimhood, fear, helplessness, and dependence. being accountable.   If you make a mistake, own it - then do what you can to fix it.  Perfection is not expected, but honestly accounting for your actions and accepting the consequences is.

.....each of us has an obligation to speak and act for those who have no voice.  Children, animals, the aged, the disabled, the abused, and the disempowered.

....the role of MP is one of service, not of power.   Working civilly and productively with other elected
representatives - irrespective of party or personality - for the common benefit of those who elected
you are a non-negotiable requirement of the position.

....the Australian sense of humour is a part of our cultural identity, and it should be protected and fought for.

.......positive outcomes in government are best achieved through a process;
* begin with fair intent 
* LISTEN.  Listen twice as hard to those you would normally disagree with

* identify the required outcome
* create the plan

* conduct risk/reward assessments and modify plans accordingly
* implement
* manage via observation and critically, by collection of accurate data
* assess results
* revise, correct, refine & repeat.

Effective outcomes are produced by sheer, ugly, unglamorous hard work.  

While spin, sound-bites, and announcements may cater to a 24 hour news cycle, results are what really matter.


I believe it is a PRO-ACTIVE approach BY a government (rather than a REACTIVE response FROM a government) that leads to a greater number of beneficial and positive outcomes.  

The Queensland Government is the largest service-based business in the state.

Currently, the Queensland "Business of Government" is close to bankruptcy and failing in every Department. 
It is my belief that MPs who come from union backgrounds do not have the requisite financial, managerial, or personal skills to run a business effectively, and this is reflected in the current impoverished outcomes being experienced by the people of Queensland.

i believe image.png
rfs photo.jpg
Working towards a Rural Fire Service for Mt Cotton.
From L-R,  Mark Robinson MP for Oodgeroo, Bev Walters, Kirrily Boulton, Henry Pike.
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