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Three strikes: LNP’s plan to combat youth crime

Young criminals would be jailed under a three-strikes mandatory detention policy by a Frecklington government. It’s one of several sweeping changes in an LNP plan to crack down on youth crime, which includes releasing offenders to farms and huge changes for those on bail.

Jessica Marszalek, State Political Editor, The Courier-Mail.  7 July 2020.

YOUNG criminals would be jailed under a three-strikes mandatory detention policy by a Frecklington government, as part of a hardline pledge to smash youth crime.

Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington will today outline her crime crackdown less than four months out from October’s state election and as new footage emerges of children joy-riding through Townsville in a stolen car at more than 180km/h while “F*** the Police” plays through the speakers.

The plan would include staff from the Youth Justice Department monitoring the bail conditions of youth offenders 24 hours a day rather than requiring police to do so – a situation that would see department staff knocking on doors to make sure kids weren’t breaking curfew.

A Frecklington Government would also fund five ‘Community Payback Farms’ – in the far north, north, central Queensland and two in the southeast – where children released from youth detention would go to learn new skills, self-discipline and take ownership of their actions.

And crimes committed as children would count towards sentencing as an adult, with the government requiring judges to take into consideration a person’s criminal history as a child when dealing with adult offenders.

The LNP would also invest in a two-year trial of a Justice Reinvestment program that would improve the physical, cognitive, social and emotional health of children in communities with a high concentration of offenders to try to stop reoffending.

They’ll also scrap youth bail houses, which were panned by an independent evaluation as expensive and ineffective.

Ms Frecklington said Labor had overseen an escalating crisis in youth crime.

“The LNP will overhaul the failing youth justice system that has brought so much crime and misery to communities like Townsville, Cairns and the Gold Coast,” Ms Frecklington said.

“Young thugs committing violent crime, car theft and drug use won’t be the norm under the LNP – it will be stamped out.

“The LNP will make sweeping changes to prevent youth crime, crack down on perpetrators, and rehabilitate offenders to contribute to the community."

“Businesses shouldn’t have to count the cost of theft, families shouldn’t have to replace stolen property, and police shouldn’t be stretched to breaking point.”

Youth crime is set to shape the October 31 election, particularly in key battleground seats in Townsville, Cairns and the Gold Coast the Government is battling to retain or win.

In the latest shocking example of youths out of control, vision of children speeding around Townsville in stolen vehicles has emerged after a spate of car thefts last week.  The footage, posted on Instagram, shows a red sedan being driven through a park in broad daylight while another shows the odometer hitting 180km/h.


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