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"The standard you walk past is the standard you accept."


David Hurley, Governor General of Australia and former Chief of Defence.


"The current standards of representation in the state seat of Capalaba, and the current standards of governance in Queensland are not standards I'm prepared to accept."


Bev Walters, Community Advocate


Hello - I’m Bev Walters and I was a candidate for the state election held on 31 October 2020.


I am a mother of two, and a small business owner for the past 18 years.  As a travel industry veteran of 30 years, I see tremendous potential for tourism in the Redlands, provided it is handled carefully.


Tingalpa Creek is my backyard (quite literally – the creek is my property boundary) and I very much value the lifestyle of the Redlands which I’d like to see preserved and enhanced. 


My husband and I moved our young family to Capalaba West in 2011, (a suburb which was later renamed).   We couldn’t believe we were within walking distance of the Capalaba Regional Park for the kids, and we enjoy hearing the footy and the racing of the Capalaba Dogs of a weekend. 


Redland Bay Road had one of just about every major store we could possibly wish for and there were 2 major shopping centres within a stone’s throw of each other.  Bay breezes on summer afternoons, easier access to Moreton Bay and the Straddie ferry (we have rellies on the Island which we love to visit) – a walkway along Tingalpa Creek – we still think we’ve died and gone to heaven to be lucky enough to live where we do.


However, the electorate has its problems as well.  Traffic congestion is appalling and getting worse, and it’s quicker to drive to the Lady Cilento in South Brisbane than drive endlessly around Redlands Hospital trying to find a carpark.  Other than the Regional Park there is little to do within the Capalaba electorate, and no night precinct or economy to enjoy (although hopefully this will change once the CBD redevelopment goes ahead). 


I’m a passionate and proactive advocate.  After nearly 30 years in a serviced-based role in the private sector, it is now my wish to serve my community in helping it achieve its full potential.


This electorate has Moreton Bay on its northern boundary, Tingalpa Creek as its western boundary, and the Leslie Harrison Dam on the southwestern boundary.  We have a golf course, and the as-yet-unrealised community potential of The Birkdale Lands.


With community consultation, an understanding of what makes this area unique to the residents, 30 years of tourism background, vision, and the drive to make things happen across multiple levels and government (and working hand-in-hand with the private sector) I see no reason why the electorate of Capalaba should not one day become one of the most desirable residential locations in Australia in terms of lifestyle.


There is a wealth of opinion, knowledge and ideas in the electorate and I would like to thank those who share these with me.  


My aim is to be of service to all residents in the Capalaba electorate.  I am interested, proactive, energetic and engaged, and I genuinely believe that by working together we can achieve wonders for the Capalaba electorate. 


If I can be of assistance to you, or if you have any queries – you are welcome to call.


Kind regards


Thank you!