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Together, we CAN make a difference.  Both to our own electorate and to Queensland.

Don't Walk Past
If you would also like to become a part of the change in Queensland, here are some ways.   Some are very small, and some are for the really enthusiastic (!) but if you choose even one then you become a part of a community moving towards a higher set of standards.

Talk to me if you see me around the electorate, please say hello. 
More importantly, if there is anything you would like to talk about regarding
the electorate, I'd love to hear it.
Talk to others - please let your friends and neighbours know Capalaba has a
Candidate intent on raising the bar.  Approximately 35 000 people live in the
Capalaba electorate, and as much as I'd like to speak to all of you, I may
run out of time.
503 mt cotton road.jpg
Speaking with a concerned resident and the Shadow Main Roads Minister Steve Minnikin MP about an ongoing traffic issue on Mt Cotton Road.  24 hours later there was yet another accident, where a car took out the telegraph pole directly in front of where Steve is standing.  

Joining a political party doesn’t mean you have to stand on the side of the road waving at cars!  There are so ways our members contribute, and one of the most important ways is in helping to create policies which improve the lives of Queenslanders.    


Many people who don’t actively follow politics assume the LNP is only about creating a strong economy.  While it's true we do believe a strong economy is key to raising the standard of living for all of us, did you know some of our LNP values are


 *  The worth and dignity of every individual

*   The priority of helping the marginalised,

*   Public and personal integrity

*   Creating a society in which people of different beliefs and cultures live in peace and harmony with each other,

*   Contributing to the common good

*   Respecting others

*   Taking seriously our obligations as citizens of Australia


There is so much more to the LNP than the creation of a strong economy, and during my time in the LNP, I’ve met some of the most active, caring, engaged, “normal” people with whom I’ve become friends.  It’s our membership - from all walks of life - who contribute expertise, insight and opinions which help us formulate policy.


These are the links to explain what we believe and what the LNP values are.  If you would like to chat with me personally about membership, please feel free to give me a call.


LNP Beliefs -


LNP Values -


Membership -


The LNP rely on our wonderful volunteers from both inside and outside the party.  Unfortunately we don't have a paid union workforce to help us with elections.

There are dozens of small ways you may be able to help.  Yes, while some of us stand on the side of the road waving at cars like nutters, “roadsides” are entirely optional – we know they’re not for everyone!   

Some people allow a Candidate Corflute on their fence or in their front yard (please get in touch!)


Some people hand out “how to vote” cards on election days, or help put a function together.


Some people lend us a trailer or donate a raffle prize, or sell raffle tickets.  Some drop flyers in letterboxes when they are walking the dog.


Any amount of help - small or great - is really appreciated.  When you’re with friends and like-minded positive people you’ll never be bored for company! 


On 2 October 2018, the Labor State Government in Qld introduced retrospective legislation to prohibit political donations from property developers, and industry bodies which have property developers as the majority of their members.  It's illegal to make or accept these prohibited donations. It's also against the law to ask for someone to make a donation on behalf of a prohibited donor.


However - each of the 26 registered unions in Queensland are permitted to donate to the political party of their choice - the ALP. 


The current Labor MP for Capalaba is a former union representative for the United Voice Union.  Since the last state election in 2017 until March 2020, United Voice has donated $643 652 to the ALP in Queensland.


In total, from the last state election in 2017 until March 2020, unions have donated approx. $2 733 000 to the ALP Queensland.  This doesn’t include the union donations to the ALP Queensland which have come via donations into the National and other state branches of the ALP.


Every dollar donated using this link will help us try to raise awareness in the Capalaba electorate.  Although Labor has legislated a huge financial advantage for itself when it comes to electoral spending and donations for subsequent State elections, Queensland - quite literally - cannot afford to have them in Government for another four years.

What may seem like the simplest way you can help is actually the most effective.  If you feel you're entitled to a higher standard of representation in Capalaba, and a higher standard of governance in Queensland, then number all the boxes on your voting form and put ALP BROWN last.

Labor believes Capalaba is a safe seat, which is partly why nothing is done for this electorate - they see no reason to.  If you normally vote ALP, consider numbering the ALP further down.  If you want the ALP to represent you, send them the message they need to start looking after you by numbering them further down the ballot.

If you normally vote Greens, be aware the ALP in Queensland has legislated compulsory preference voting in State elections. 
Number every box so your vote goes where YOU want it to go - not where Labor wants it to go.
Allow yourself to hope.

We must believe there are better times ahead for Queensland.


David Cristafulli and his LNP team has a long-term plan to progressively unwind the incredible damage done to Queensland by the Labor Bligh and Labor Palaszczuk Governments, and to return the state to prosperity.


Our children’s futures depend on it. 

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